Why Does My Clothes Dryer Vent Tube Keep Clogging?


Over one situation, at the duration of executing a property review, I’ll ask the property owner when they’re having trouble with their garments dryer of course if it seems to take long to wash their clothes. A lot of the time that they look astonished and inquire how I might know that. I am told that the drier started out fine afterward only seemed to require more and longer to fully dry the apparel, and they’re about the edge of calling a tech or buying a new equipment. I then simply take them outside and show them of the dangerous illness that is and also the origin of the situation… a drier vent tube that is wholly obstructed with lint in the exhaust hood.

Not only does this illness stop the appliance from drying correctly, it’s a severe fire danger. I then show them with the reason why for your own clog – a display screen set up on the end of the tube. “This display isn’t supposed to be there”, I let them know ,”and maybe not just is it a fire threat, but it truly is contrary to developing code”. To make things worse, they inform me they previously brought up the difficulty by using their builder, and has been told the the screen has been needed to keep”creatures” from entering. Exactly what a completely incorrect statement. A correctly installed port will have a flap (damper) on the finish that opens if the dryer is running and closes once it really is away. This averts any critter entry Dryer vent cleaning.

Having an screen, of any form, on the conclusion of the vent tube is very good for only one item… halting lint from ventilation and causing a clog inside the whole tubing, period”. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant into this possible hazard in addition to the construction code. The IRC (International Residential Code) is very specific about the installment of outfits dryer vents and conditions”drier exhaust ducts such as clothes dryers will shake on the outside the building and will soon be equipped with a backdraft damper. Screens shall not be put in at the duct conclusion. Ducts will not be connected or installed using sheetmetal screws or other attachments that’ll block blood stream. Clothes dryer exhaust ducts will not be connected to a gas port connector, gas nozzle or port. Clothes dryer exhaust ducts shall not extend or through ducts or plenums.”

You can find others which are just too idiotic concerning this code specifications. Within a modern stucco inspection, I happened to observe that a severely clogged vent hood. I inquired that the homeowner my standard question concerning their dryer and has been told the the tubing blocked frequently. They had it washed out twice beforeand were becoming prepared to get it done a third moment. The organization they used never said the display onto the close of the tube. I’d like to consider it had been only an oversight and not conveniently overlooked for job stability.

I also found my neighbors’ freshly put in roof having a brand spanking new vent hood installed. Needless to state that it was the incorrect sort and should never have already been employed for a clothes drier vent. And guess what, it had been starting to clog and the roofing firm would not mend it.

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